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Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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    The Old Dominion Equestion Endurance Organization plans to host endurance riding and training clinics and seminars throughout the year. These special educational events range from lectures and demonstrations, to mounted rides on trails with experienced endurance riders as mentors. All are welcome: from wannabees, to newbies, to seasoned veterans. There is something for everyone.

    2019 ODEEO Clinics and Seminars

    • SEMINAR - Drag Ride Educational Clinic - February 16th at TriCounty Feeds in Marshall, VA
    • CLINIC - Endurance 201 Clinic - May - date to be announced
    • CLINIC - Ride and Tie weekend and Horse Camping/Night Riding Practice - Saturday July 27th and Sunday July 28th
    • CLINIC - Endurance 201 Clinic and Ride - September 28th

    Information for all clinics and seminars will be posted on this page at least ONE MONTH prior to the date of the event.


    Drag Rider Clinic this February 16th!! Mark your calendars!!

    This just in from Duane, our Drag Rider Coordinator:

    Based on positive responses to the Drag Rider clinic last year, we will have another one this year. Date, time, and location are set. All we need is YOUR wish list for what will be covered at the clinic.

    The venue will be the same, at TriCounty Feeds in Marshall, VA. It will be indoors (mostly) using their Media Room upstairs. We can have anything in the room we can carry up the stairs or fit in the elevator except for live animals. Last year we used a laptop and projector for a PowerPoint presentation and some small items for show-and-tell. We can do that again, though I would also like to hear some ideas on how to get all the participants doing something. For instance, if no one has a better idea I will bring in a bunch of radios and make everybody go out into the store and talk to each other from a distance. And since I had such a blast drag riding at night for the June ride, I might show how I set up my tack with glow sticks.

    But **this is for YOU**, the experienced drag riders and the new drag riders and the new people I have not yet met who are interested and to whom you passed this information and invitation. So send me your ideas and spread the word! I intend for most of the clinic to be lead by some of the experts we have in the area - that means that I want your ideas on speakers. And that means some of you may be called upon to share your wealth of knowledge. So volunteer early!

    What: Drag Rider Clinic
    When: Saturday, 16 February 2019 from noon to 5pm
    Where: TriCounty Feeds, 7408 John Marshall Hwy, Marshall, VA 20115
    Cost: No charge to those submitting ideas or interested in drag riding

    Click Here to email Duane Martin about the February Drag Rider clinic


    Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization rides and events are privately held and are open only to registered participants and their guests, ride/event management, volunteers, and staff.