The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization, Inc. The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization, Inc.
Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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    About Us ~ Mission Statement ~ Monthly Meetings

    The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. All charitable donations to our organizations are greatly appreciated and help us achieve our goals of education and promotion of the sport of equestrian endurance riding.

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    history of the original OD organization

    Mission Statement

    To support, host, and sponsor endurance riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to support the sport of endurance riding nationwide.

    Our organization started with the informal gathering of several like-minded individuals, all endurance riders and friends for several decades, as well as participators in other distance sports such as ride and tie, competitive trail riding, and distance driving (horse/pony carriages). It was our personal goal to help foster and encourage others who were interested in our sport by engaging in personal interaction to promote the many positive aspects of Endurance riding, by using the social media and print avenue to offer advice and the locations of Endurance resources, and through volunteering at events, clinics, seminars, trail clearing, rides and other venues to show our continued and enthusiastic support. Our assets were our good will, and an ongoing excellent partnership with, and membership in, various distance and endurance related organizations on local, state, and national levels.

    In January 2018 the ODEEO took over the management and hosting of three annual Virginia endurance rides: The No Frills in April, the Old Dominion ride in June, and the Fort Valley ride in October. Information regarding each of these rides can be found on the AERC website (, the ODEEO Calendar of Events, and on the Ride Entry page at least one month prior to the ride date. These rides are sanctioned by the AERC (American Endurance Ride Council), and also by ECTRA (Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association -, the Ride and Tie organization (, and SERA ( AERC rules and regulations are primary in our all our rides. All other sanctioning association rules are secondary to both AERC and ODEEO rules.

    Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization rides and events are privately held and are open only to registered participants and their guests, ride/event management, volunteers, and staff. Please contact us using our Contact page if you are not a participant but would like permission to spectate at any of our events.

    Our organization serves three primary goals:

    • Competition & Training - To organize, host, and conduct AERC sanctioned rides within the Commonwealth of Virginia. To support and aid other distance sports by providing a venue for their membership to gain points and recognition, as well as education and training, with a combined use of our resources during and between our calendar of sanctioned endurance rides.
    • Education -To design and host seminars and clinics for the express purpose of educating and training both novice and experienced riders in all aspects of the endurance/distance sports. To offer a wide range of opportunities within the organization to benefit riders, volunteers, and outside individuals in learning about the endurance/distance sports.
    • Trails Advocacy - To help support local, state, and federal government through the use of volunteerism in the preservation of equestrian trails for historic, environmental and horseback recreational/competition use.
    Monthly Meetings

    The ODEEO meetings are held monthly with some exceptions. Emails are sent to all ODEEO and affiliated club members regarding time and place of the meeting. A listing of the meetings is to be found on our Calendar of Events page. If you are not on our email list, but wish to attend our meetings, please e-mail us using our Contact page.

    President Bob Heltibridle
    Vice President Lani Newcomb
    Treasurer Susan Trader
    Secretary Emily Carrico

    Board of Directors

    Term Years

    Evelyn Baig2022
    Diane Connolly2022
    Bob Heltibridle2022
    Dawn Hilliard2022
    Jack Weber2022
    Emily Carrico 2023
    David Franklin2023
    Lenora Keener2023
    Sonja Knecht-Hoshi 2023
    Lani Newcomb2023
    Duane Martin2024
    Jen Stevenson2024
    Susan Trader2024
    Lisa Troutman2024
    Bob Walsh2024
    Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization rides and events are privately held and are open only to registered participants and their guests, ride/event management, volunteers, and staff.